Fabio Jakobsen about the terrible accident in 2020 and recovery

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Fabio Jakobsen about the terrible accident in 2020 and recovery

In an interview with Eurosport, Fabio Jakobsen talked about the terrible accident in 2020. During the Tour of Poland, he collided with Dylan Groenewegen, after which he ended up with a fractured skull, a broken nose, and lost most of his teeth.

He was even in an induced coma, but he showed courage and character and came back after eight months. The most important thing is that there is no more fear. “It was a process which went step by step. For some people it might have gone fast, but in the end it was almost a year.
I just took it one day at a time and one race at a time, one training at a time.

I think that's the way you want to approach something like that because if you would have seen me on August 6, then thought where I would be now, it would be impossible to imagine.
You should not think about the past too much.

But if you see there is progress, it's actually good to remember where you came from.
To this day, I still have that now. So that makes me a very humble and grateful person to be here, to still be a professional bike rider is something that I love to do.

I'm happy I'm not that scared that I don't want to race the bike anymore”. - Jakobsen said, as quoted by eurosport.com


Recovery was slow. He didn't want to rush, and he thought about whether he was ready for the next step.

“I was missing 10 teeth, some bone in the in the facial area. I lost 10kg of body. So you could say fat, muscle and some teeth. So first the goal was to just become a normal man again. After that, try to see if I can still build a condition if my body would accept cycling and top sport.

Then to test that mentally in a race because with what happened to me I can easily be scared and think, 'it's not for me anymore, I almost lost my life'.