Remco Evenepoel on his football career and form of Tadej Pogacar


Remco Evenepoel on his football career and form of Tadej Pogacar

Tadej Pogacar started the season in his own style, achieving three victories on his way to triumph in the Vuelta Andalucia. Many are delighted with Pogacar and believe that they will dominate this year as well. Remco Evenepoel, who is also one of the biggest names, had only words of praise for Pogacar and his current form.

“It’s a very nice way to open your season,” Evenepoel said, as quoted by
“Of course you still have to win the races, and even without all his victories, I came here to the UAE with some goals, new objectives.

Maybe to go for a stage win and maybe end up on the podium of the GC, which is I think a very fair goal for me this week.
It’s always a good stimulus to see another top rider win so easily. You feel, 'okay, it’s now up to us to try and come to his level'

It’s not that it’s in my head all day, but it will help to give some motivation for this week’s training and racing”.


What many did not know is the fact that Evenepoel was supposed to be a football player.

He promised a lot, but the world of football was not what suited him. Money, agents, and other things are not what Remco likes. “Maybe I started too early, and that’s the biggest reason why I changed. I did like football but it was all about money and agents.

I started to get a bit angry and the way that little world decided a lot in the sport.
I think more and more people are watching the sport [cycling] because of the way races are ridden nowadays. Whereas before you’d only wait to watch the last hour because that was when everything happened, now you never know, things can happen at 100 kilometres from the start,
At the same time, jerseys and bikes are looking good, and it’s all coming closer to football, it’s getting more chic and expensive.

That’s why it gets more attention. Football’s the top sport, but cycling’s getting closer”.

Remco Evenepoel