Vegni satisfied with the situation in the Giro d'Italia camp

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Vegni satisfied with the situation in the Giro d'Italia camp

A couple of COVID19 cases have recently appeared at the Giro d'Italia, and this has caused concern among a large number of tournament leaders, as well as cycling fans around the world. It was questionable whether the Giro d'Italia would take place at all or would be postponed due to the pandemic.

There was no postponement of the Giro d'Italia, and after some teams left the camp the testing happened again. Mauro Vegni, Giro d'Italia director, was satisfaid to hear that only two new cases appeared. He believes that this is not a big number at all and that it is necessary to take into account how many cases there are in Italy.

"It shows that we're doing the controls, we're doing them seriously, without hiding anything. I think the number [of positive cases confirmed] is very small considering the situation in our country, where many mayors have already requested a sort of curfew," Vegni said, as quoted by cycling news "Having only two cases is something very positive."

Cooperation in camp

Vegni says everyone in the camp is cooperating and working to prevent new cases from occurring. He says everyone needs to be aware that the virus is all over the world and that COVID cases are not just in their camp "Apart from that case last week, the teams all seem quite calm and serene," Vegni said on Tuesday.

"They are aware the problem that isn't a problem for the Giro but a problem for the whole world. They're happy that we're continuing to test them almost constantly, every day, because they know it's for their health.

There's maximum collaboration and we'll continue with these controls until the end, to protect the Giro, but also to protect the world around us." "We're still going ahead day by day, because of the climate in the whole country," Vegni said.

"But like I've always said, we need to live with this problem with our heads held high, but always maintaining all the safety measures that are in place." Weather has always been a factor that hindered cycling races, so this time too there was a risk factor that would hinder the Giro d'Italia.

The snow has fallen though but Vegni doesn’t seem to care as much about the snow as it does about the temperatures "October didn't worry me for the snow so much as for the temperatures. If it rains at that altitude, the perception of cold is more elevated," "We're talking about this problem now, but we have to see day by day because it's an evolving situation, from country to country. We've received no notification of a problem from the French authorities."