Marianne Voss signed a new contract with Jumbo Visma

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Marianne Voss signed a new contract with Jumbo Visma

Marianne Vos signed a new contract with the Jumbo Visma team for 2 years. Voss emphasized that cycling is still her great love. She was aware of her team's ambition, and wanted to continue the adventure. "I still really enjoy cycling," Vos said, as quoted by eurosport.

"I enjoy racing together and fighting for victory as a team. In recent years, women's cycling has advanced to such a professional level that I continue to discover new challenges. And my own development is still ongoing. I am motivated to train hard to get the best out of myself." Jumbo Visma is her second home.

"At Team Jumbo-Visma, I also find the ambition to get better every day and the drive to go all out for it. That is one of the reasons why I feel at home in this team. I also like the professionalism and the personal approach.
There is a lot of room for the individual within the team, which makes the team stronger.

I really like that."

Marianne Vos and young riders

Vos wants to be of help to younger riders. In this way, she conveys his experience and has a great influence on them. "It's nice to share my experience with the team's younger riders while also learning from them,” Vos said. “They make me look at things differently.

That's how we maintain sharpness and establish a strong team." Rutger Tijssen, the team's sports technical director, is happy with the new contract. Tijssen knows her qualities very well and knows what he can expect in the coming period.

They are convinced that Vos can continue with great performances and that she will help the team. “Marianne has an impressive track record,” Tijssen said. “Her list of honours is already long, and she keeps winning races. We are confident that this will continue in the years to come”.