Thibaut Pinot confirmed: I will retire at the end of 2023

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Thibaut Pinot confirmed: I will retire at the end of 2023

Thibaut Pinot confirmed what some might have expected. Pinot decided to end his career at the end of 2023. He gave a lot to cycling and showed his qualities many times. This great cyclist will be remembered for many moments and it's really sad when we see that the stars of this sport are slowly finishing their story on the big stage.

Pinot thought about this decision for a long time and it was not an easy one to make. Still, that's what he wanted. "It's a decision that I've carefully considered over the years," Pinot said, as quoted by "I'm excited by the new things I'm going to be able to discover after my career, but I'm just as excited to race during this final year."

Thibaut Pinot and this season

It is precisely his departure from the big scene that gives him the motivation to give his best this season and try to achieve what he envisioned.

Pinot is aware that this is the last track of his career. He wants to finish it in the right style and be remembered even more. “I’ve rarely been as motivated at the start of a season and I want to end on a high," he said.

"I do everything and I'm going to continue to do everything to achieve the best results possible." After the end of his career, the Frenchman wants to focus on other things such as: nature and animals. Both things are what he has always loved, and we hope he will enjoy it.

“Cycling has taken a third of my life and now I want to devote myself to my second passion: animals and nature,” Pinot said. “I've always wanted to create things from what nature offers us - making honey, growing fruit and vegetables, seeing what the animals can give us."