Jonas Vingegaard on 'burnout': That was all exaggerated

"I'm still the same Jonas I was before my win. Quiet and peaceful"

by Sead Dedovic
Jonas Vingegaard on 'burnout': That was all exaggerated

Jonas Vingegaard denied that burnout occurred after he celebrated last year's Tour de France. Although many said that Vingegaard is not ready and needs to rest, the Dane denied such rumors. “That was all exaggerated, the media has created a story that wasn't there.

Why should I hide?,” he said for Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.
"I'm still the same Jonas I was before my win. Quiet and peaceful.
I celebrated my victory and then went home. It was no more or less than that”.

The Dane emphasized that he had a great vacation and is already making plans for what awaits him. “We were still thinking about a Vuelta participation, but it was not ideal condition-wise. Seriously, I had fun with friends and family.

I took my time to relax and have a good winter. As a Tour winner, everyone has an opinion about what you should and shouldn't do, right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I can't change that. All I can say is that it has no effect on me.

I don't care . I only listen to the people on the team”.

Jonas Vingegaard

He still has equally big goals. Sometimes Vingegaard wonders how he got to such success, but he doesn't want to stop there. “I'm looking forward to going back with the number one jersey.

I will be the sole leader. That creates - just like the fact that I am the defending champion - more and at the same time less pressure. I won the Tour,” he continued.
“Sometimes I wake up and have to convince myself it wasn't a dream, but I know how to do it now.
If I never win again, I can always say that I succeeded once.

On the other hand, everything falls on my shoulders, but I can handle that. No problem. It even feels comfortable to be the defending champion”.

Jonas Vingegaard