Tadej Pogacar commented on Remco Evenepoel

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Tadej Pogacar commented on Remco Evenepoel
Tadej Pogacar commented on Remco Evenepoel (Provided by Sport World News)

Tadej Pogacar commented on Remco Evenepoel and the expectations he has of him next season. Pogacar is optimistic about Remco and believes that he can be equally good. “This year he [Evenepoel] had a phenomenal year but next year he can be even better," Pogacar said, as quoted by eurosport.com.
“He’s going in the right direction, for sure.

He won the Vuelta, so the Tour is just a little different.
But I think if you can win one Grand Tour and be world champion at the same time, you can win the Tour as well”. Pogacar didn't forget to mention Ayuso either.

For Pogacar, the team comes first, then everything else. It is obvious that there is a great atmosphere in the team. “If I am s**t at the Tour, then he can go," Pogacar said. “For me, it’s no problem. We understand each other and you can only be good for so many years; you cannot be at the top all of the time.
For sure, if he gets better we will exchange some races and some roles, but we are all here in the UAE team to take the team as a group together to a higher level, so we try to win as much as possible and it doesn’t matter who”.

Tadej Pogacar and his season

Pogacar is satisfied with the season he had, but his goals are even bigger. "If I look back at the season, I see one of the best seasons you can imagine.
It was a really great year all around for me: a lot of wins with the team, a lot of great moments for me.
If I don’t win the next one [Tour de France], I will try to go another time.
And if I don’t win the next one [after that], I will try and go another time to try and win it at least one more time”.

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