Fear and panic at the Giro d'Italia camp

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Fear and panic at the Giro d'Italia camp

After some teams left the Giro d'Italia due to the appearance of COVID19, Mauro Vegni also spoke up "We absolutely want the Giro d’Italia to make it to Milan," Vegni said, as quoted by cycling news "I’d say at any price, excluding any major or medical problems.

We knew holding the Giro in October was problematic, we’re doing all we can to make it to Milan with all the doubts and challenges." Luke Roberts also spoke out about the appearance of COVID "Basically, we're just following the rules we agreed upon with the UCI and with the organisation before we came, the protocol we follow in stage races.

That's basically the decision that we made." When asked if the team had considered following Jumbo-Visma’s lead, Roberts added: "No, I think we're confident in the way we're working inside our bubble, with the distancing.

We isolated Michael and the team will be regularly tested. We'll just follow the protocols agreed upon."

Additional testing

Mauro Vegni says that more tests will take place and that it is not clear to him why some do not decide to leave the camp and believes that health is much more important than results.

"There also seem to be different rules for different teams, so we all expect explosions with the teams who have infected staff and they were at dinner and working with riders, so the next rest day will show it," said cyclingnews source "The problem is that by the time those tests come back it’s too late.

Also, it’s not clear why some teams left, but teams with good GC riders stay. It raises the question as to whether results are more important than health. Everyone is wondering why Sunweb, for example, are still here when Mathews was a close contact to everyone in the team."

Asked about stopping Giro d'Italia: "I don’t know," he told Cyclingnews. "But we can see from the effect of one rider - Yates - until now. From now to next rest day that could be magnified so much more.

The scary thing is, there will be riders racing with it (COVID-19) like before without knowing, because we won't be tested until next Monday and no rider wants to risk their health. An anonymous source also believes that health is most important and that they just want to get home safely "There are no real bubbles, we have shared with other teams, with race organisers, we have not had private rooms to eat in and shared dining halls with them all. We just wear masks 24/7 and the only bubble around us is the ones we have inside our masks."