Magnus Backstedt will be part of the CANYON//SRAM team

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Magnus Backstedt will be part of the CANYON//SRAM team

CANYON//SRAM have good news for fans; Eurosport expert Magnus Backstedt will be part of their team from 2024, in the role of Sport Director. Backstedt thought carefully about his decision and chose what was best for him. “Once my two girls were out in the big world looking after themselves, I felt it was the right time for me to pursue my passion in the sport again,” Backstedt said, as quoted by They had the same views on certain things and it was not difficult to make an agreement.

“[CANYON//SRAM co-founder] Ronny [Lauke] got in touch with me, and I felt we clicked straight away; we have a similar view on many things. Once I had seen how the team operates and met the riders and staff, it just felt it was the right place for me.
“I’m excited to take on this role.

It’s exciting times for women’s cycling, and being part of that makes me happy and proud”. He is aware that he is joining a quality team, and that this team has great prospect in the coming period. “The team has a really strong base of riders and an interesting way of racing, so I’m keen to see what I can add to that.

At the same time, I would like to improve some areas and put my stamp on them. Overall, it’s a great position to start from. I feel I will bring a calm, direct approach to the racing. I hope the riders will feel the passion that I bring as well as my keen eye for detail when it comes to how we approach the races.
"I want everyone to see that we are a team that backs each other 100%."

Matej Mohoric

And now we go to the other side. Matej Mohoric achieved a great result and won 2nd place in the race in Zagreb. Mohoric was delighted after his excellent performance. “This was a bit of a goal for me, I wanted to finish the season in good shape,” Mohoric said, per Velo News.
“I had a lot of health problems this summer and I started to feel better when I went to Canada.

I decided not to do the world championships so I could train more because I thought I wouldn’t have the shape to be competitive.
Here, I came with better legs already and I’m very happy and proud we could pull off this win with my team”.