Remco Evenepoel on Vuelta victory; I don’t know what’s going through my head

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Remco Evenepoel on Vuelta victory; I don’t know what’s going through my head

Remco Evenepoel is close to the Vuelta title. Things are almost finished, now all that is necessary is confirmation in Madrid. Evenepoel could not hide his happiness and was delighted with what he had achieved. Many had doubts about him, and he was often criticized, but with his performance, Remco silenced all those who criticized him.

“I don’t know what’s going through my head and my body right now. It’s amazing," he said for
“After all of the criticism I had, all the bad comments I’ve got after last year [withdrawing from Giro d'Italia debut], I think I finally delivered and I answered everybody with my pedals.
"I’ve been working so hard to come here and be in the best shape possible, and to now win this Vuelta is just amazing”.

Remco on the race

Remco was nervous, he knew how important these races are, and in the end, he deservedly achieved success. “You know, I've been away from home for so many hours, so many days, so many weeks, so many months, and it’s all just thanks to them as well," he said.
"I was really stressed this morning.

Maybe I didn't show it, but I was really stressed. I didn’t sleep too much yesterday night because you know what's coming, and it was a super tough stage, but I am just super happy that I won La Vuelta”. It was difficult to focus, but he managed; “Just with the legs.

I didn't even think about winning the stage, I just wanted to win the general classification. I only had to follow and control and believe in my power. In the end, the race was super hard, but we did very well”. Blythe and Dan Lloyd praised what the Belgian did.

“Quite simply, he is just going to be put on a pedestal - he already is on a pedestal. He deserves to be,” Blythe said.
“We've always had question marks about Remco, throughout this whole Grand Tour. Even up until today we were like, ‘Will he crack? Won’t he crack? We’re not sure.’
“He’s proved all of us wrong and he’s done a fantastic ride.

We all know what Belgium’s like for cycling and they have that new hero there.
“I don’t think he will quite know what’s hit him when he goes back home. It’ll be like in England if they ever win the World Cup again.
“Imagine in the UK you’ve got your high-end celebrities like David Beckham, who can’t go anywhere without his picture being taken. I can imagine that will be Remco - he won’t be able to go food shopping anymore”.