Remco Evenepoel on Primoz Roglic: You never want somebody to crash

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Remco Evenepoel on Primoz Roglic: You never want somebody to crash

Primoz Roglic was so close to the finish line and everyone expected he'll finish the race, but he went down in a crash 200 meters from the finish line. Roglič fell heavily after touching the bikes with Wright. Blood flowed from the Slovenian's right hand, which was the worst thing for him.

Evenepoel is the leader for now, and he did not lose much time considering that he stopped in one place reporting a flat tire. Evenepoel is not happy with these situations considering that his colleague could have had even bigger problems.

He was lucky in the end, especially because of the rules that exist. This will be a good chance for him. “I really hope he’s okay and that he can continue the race,” Evenepoel said for “We all know that Primoz is explosive so a final like this was really made for him.

That makes it even more of a pity for him that he crashed. You never want somebody to crash – I hope he’s okay”. “I wasn’t in the best position. I was a little bit scared, if I’m honest, in the last four or five kilometres.

I lost some positions and I wanted to move up on the steep bump, but my rear wheel just went off. It felt like I had a flat tyre. So, I’m happy that the 3km rule exists otherwise I would have lost a lot of time today”.

Pedersen after the race

Pedersen won, and reporters asked him if he expected Roglic to attack on the final ramp: “Not really. It was a really smart move – everyone was on the limit. Ackermann was straight on his wheel, really good job.

I had to use a lot of energy to close him”. He wished a speedy recovery to his colleague who was a great danger. He is aware of the qualities that the Slovenian has. “It was a really good move. It’s a pity that he crashed.

He hasn’t been lucky this year – and I hope it’s not too bad so he can keep on contending for the victory in this Vuelta”. His biggest motivation during the race was his friend. “I promised [Alex] Kirsch – who got a daughter yesterday – that I’d get the win because he wasn’t there for the birth,” Pedersen said.

“The whole team worked really hard to give him this second present. This win is for Alex, his wife and new kid”.