Adam Blythe on Wout van Aert's contract extension: They’d be stupid not to sign him

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Adam Blythe on Wout van Aert's contract extension: They’d be stupid not to sign him

Wout van Aert has been in great form lately and there are already rumors about his new contract. His current contract with Jumbo-Visma lasts until 2024, and the leaders of Jumbo-Visma will have to offer the Belgian a new contract as soon as possible because he is truly excellent at what he does.

Adam Blythe also believes that Jumbo-Visma should offer him a new contract as soon as possible because there are many teams in the game who can give more money. “It’s a wise thing to do because they don’t want him anywhere else,” Blythe said on The Breakaway, as quoted by “Anyone else with enough money would take Wout van Aert.

There’s a lot of teams, UAE Team Emirates, Ineos Grenadiers, who would give him more money than Jumbo-Visma do.
He’s very comfortable, he’s very happy”.
Wout van Aert is one of the better ones, and it would be difficult to find an adequate replacement for him.

“From what he can do, there’s not many riders that can do what Wout van Aert can do.
They’d be stupid not to sign him”.

Dan Lloyd

Dan Lloyd speculated on what kind of contract the Belgian would like to have.

Lloyd says that several factors play a role when it comes to money. Wout van Aert and his motivation have always been at a top level, but the question is whether it will always be like that. There are also young drivers who can impose themselves and start dominating, but in any case, such a cyclist should not be allowed to join another team.

“I think four million a year. [Peter] Sagan has been five million in the past, maybe even up to five. It’s one of those things though. If I was the manager, I would be thinking, ‘I am underpaying given what he performed like at the Tour de France this year, and a lot of other races.

However he’s got a contract to the end of ‘24, that’s another 30 months from here. I could also take the risk that we go a little further and we get him at a much lower price.’
We never know what’s going to happen in the next two and a half years.

The motivation, that’s a long time. If he starts winning left, right, and centre, Sagan at this point, I think Sagan’s lack of form is just being at the top for a long time and thinking, ‘How much longer do I want to be in this sport?’ as much as not being physically capable at this time”.