Giro d'Italia: A track where everything can be expected

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Giro d'Italia: A track where everything can be expected

Simon Yates did not have such a good race at the Giro d'Italia. However, in the end, he managed to make up for his delay and is still fighting for points "It obviously wasn't the plan for Simon to lose time on the Etna stage, but I think we managed to settle him and limit the amount of time he lost there," said Jack Haig, as quoted by cycling news "In the end, the Giro this year is sort of very back-heavy in terms of the climbing stages and the length of the stages.

I imagine it's going to be quite unpredictable with the weather this year also, which is another aspect we need to add in there. He's lost some time, but in the end, I think it's not going to be too much time."

Haig hopes that Yates will be in shape and that he will achieve much better results "Exactly, we just need to hope it was a one-off day and Simon comes better," Haig said. "If Simon has the same condition that he had in Tirreno [Adriatico], then anything is possible.

It's not a typical Grand Tour where you have one key team that's really strong and can control the race. I think here the race is much more open and the time gaps between the top 10 will be much bigger than the Tour de France this year."

Yates and Hagi will wait for the opponent's mistakes and the right moment

"This year, I'll have a bit more of an opportunity to get into the breakaways, now that I've lost a bit of time on GC, and with Simon a little further back, it's a much more open race," said Haig.

"It could lead to waiting for the right opportunity and then really trying to capitalize on that opportunity when it comes" Brent Bookwalter had to finish the race due to injury, and Mitchelton-Scott thinks that this is a very strange season and that nothing is ruled out.

"The form is there: he's been healthy, he's done all the right things," Bookwalter said. "We've seen already that it's been a strange year. A number of guys in different races have sort of had one-off weird days or one-off really good days, so maybe it could be that.

"Traditionally in a Grand Tour – maybe not in the Giro so much, but certainly in the Tour de France – if you lose a few minutes, you're sort of out of the hunt for the win. But here, I think there's going to be some big-time swings."