James Anderson(40) plays Test matches; Can't see anyone wanting to play for this long

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James Anderson(40) plays Test matches; Can't see anyone wanting to play for this long

James Anderson will be part of the Test team and it's a real wonder what this player is doing considering that he is 40 years old. "I feel I'm constantly getting better," he says as quoted by thecricketer. "Everyone gets better with experience, no matter what walk of life you're in.

I keep working on stuff. I keep playing around with seam positions. I'm still finding different balls to bowl, trying to disguise things a bit more so people can't see the swing or whatever it may be. "I feel maybe my body can deal with it better now that it could when I was 20 or 21.

Yes, I feel sore after a day in the field, but everyone does. I did when I was 21; I do now. But you come back the next day and crack on. I know my body can deal with it." He is still motivated and ready for the biggest goals.

"I do feel proud," he says when considering the latest milestone in a career littered with the things. "But I feel fortunate as well that I've still got the love for the game. I've still got the desire to get better and do the training and the nets and whatever else comes with it.

With a lot of people that's the first thing that goes and that's when you start winding down. But that passion is still there for me. I'm fortunate that my body's still functioning properly and allowing me to do the job that I love."


He was close to retirement in 2019 after an injury.

"I did have to think about whether I wanted to do it again," he says. "But fortunately the people around me – my family and friends, the lads in the dressing room and the medical teams – all helped me stay on track.

"Besides, when I'm fit, I love every minute of it. Even when it's hard and we're up against it. It's an amazing game to play. There's nothing better than Test cricket for me so I will do that for as long as I possibly can." Anderson overlooked the future of his colleagues.

"Maybe Broady [could play until he's 40] but definitely nobody after that because no one will be stupid enough," he says. "With everything that has happened in the world of franchise cricket, I can't see anyone wanting to play Test cricket for this long.

"I can definitely see it – players prioritising short formats – happening more. The easiest thing to do for bowlers is bowl four overs or 20 balls. It takes nothing out of you. And if you're getting paid just as well it probably makes sense. It will tempt more people than not.