Ravi Shastri surprised cricket fans: I think we might have two IPL seasons

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Ravi Shastri surprised cricket fans: I think we might have two IPL seasons

Ravi Shastri has revealed new plans for the Indian Premier League. The fans were surprised by his proposal, but it is obvious that the leaders of the IPL want to raise the competition to a higher level and attract more attention.

Speaking to CC Telegraph Sport's Vaughany and Tuffers podcast, he revealed more details. In the competition, there could be two more teams that would be part of the IPL. "I think you might have two [IPL] seasons," said Shastri, as quoted by telegraph.

"I wouldn't be surprised at all. If bilateral cricket is reduced, you might well have a shorter format of the IPL in the latter half of the year, more like a World Cup format with a knockout that decides the winner. "The full competition with 10 teams could go to 12 teams in the future with the schedule stretching from one-and-a-half to two months." Given that today's sports have become marketing and the goal is to earn as much money as possible, the IPL is trying the same.

They want much better contracts, more attention, and of course more viewers. All this will bring huge profits for them. "All that is possible because it is driven by the money and supply and demand. The demand is big for that type of format.

The IPL will be tempted to go in that direction," he said. "It's great for the sport, great for the players, broadcasters and people who work around the teams. It's [the IPL] an industry on its own now."


Ben Stokes has retired from internationals.

He cited excessive demands as the reason. Wasim Akram gave his view of the whole situation and what is the best solution for similar problems. "I would be a little careful of the number of bilateral splits, especially in T20 cricket," Shastri said.

"There's a lot of franchise cricket which can be encouraged, whichever country it's in - India, West Indies, or Pakistan. "You play less bilaterals and then you get together for the World Cups. So the emphasis on ICC World Cup events becomes paramount.

Then people look forward to them." IPL is the strongest cricket league in the world and by far. Over the years, of course, various innovations will be introduced. Leaders will adapt to the requirements of the time. All this will lead to radical changes that can be good, but also bad. We hope that the IPL can achieve even greater progress.