Ben Stokes: "Other teams are perhaps better than us, but they won't be.."


Ben Stokes: "Other teams are perhaps better than us, but they won't be.."

Ben Stokes expects his team to continue with a brave game, after they showed a fantastic game against India. He believes that his team has a clear philosophy and that their courage can overcome any opponent. "When you've got real clarity in what you want to achieve as a team and how you want to play it makes things a lot easier," he told Test Match Special.

"We know what we were going to do -- we knew we were always going to go out and try and chase that down from the get-go. "A great way to explain is that teams are perhaps better than us, but teams won't be braver than us.

"Jack Leach said that to me and it is a great way to sum things up at the moment."

Ben Stokes: We want to give new life to Test cricket

Stokes seems like a great motivator and is ready to do anything to help his team. His team has clear goals, they want to rewrite the history of Test cricket.

There is great euphoria in England. The fans believe in this team again and hope that they can go to the very end. This generation of England has the quality for many things, and they will have the opportunity to prove it again on the pitch.

"We are trying to rewrite how Test cricket is being played, in England especially," Stokes added. "All the different plans that we put together over the last four or five weeks, for every different situation is something we'll look to carry forward.

"It's not always about bowling top of off or drying up, it's how are we going to take wickets? That's what you need to do as a bowling attack, take 10 wickets. "We know that we want to give new life to Test cricket, and the way that we go about it, and the support that we've received over the last five weeks has been incredible.

"It's amazing, in such a short space of time, we feel like we are bringing a new set of fans to the game. "Inspiring the next generation is what we want to do, this game at the moment is bigger than results for us, it's about people who come in to represent England in the future, guys who come into the dressing room after. We want to leave a mark on Test cricket." We will see what Stokes and the team can do in the coming period.