Paul Collingwood: Hats off to the way Rishabh Pant played

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Paul Collingwood: Hats off to the way Rishabh Pant played
Paul Collingwood: Hats off to the way Rishabh Pant played (Provided by Sport World News)

Paul Collingwood is just one of those who were impressed with Rishabh Pant's performance in the match against England. "Today was a great day, I don't feel our backs were against the wall for too long, but hats off to the way Pant played," he said for skysports.

"When you're up against world-class players, they can do world-class things. It's been another exciting day of Test cricket, we've had three exciting games against New Zealand and the first day here has been exactly the same.

" Brendon has said from the very start he's looking at the bigger picture of Test cricket and for it to survive we've got to make it a lot more entertaining. Today was exactly that - there was wickets and runs, great catches and when you watch someone as exciting as Pant, you've got to applaud." Although Collingwood is not disatisfied, he believes his team could have done more.

They were aggressive, but it seems not enough. "I wouldn't necessarily say we went wrong today, but what we've found is once the ball goes soft after 30-40 overs it can be very difficult to take wickets if it's not going off straight," said Collingwood.

"It was a brave ball from Joe, I'll say that, but sometimes you need a bit of genius or bravery. We're not playing conventional Test match cricket, we're trying to be as attacking as possible and looking to take wickets with the field placings.

"We're not always trying to stem the flow and keep the run-rate down. We want to be on the more aggressive side of the line. We can be happy with this day's work and getting them for anything under 360-370 would be a good result for us."

Matthew Potts

On the other hand, young Matthew Potts excelled.

Former England captain Nasser Hussain praised this young player who is really good. "Potts, again, had an excellent day," Hussain told Sky Sports. "He has been the find of the summer for England with the ball. "You'd have given him that at the start of the summer - in your four Tests you're going to get [Kane] Williamson three times and Kohli on Day 1 of your fourth Test, he would take it.

"Because he leans a little the right hander it angles in, to the left-hander it's not as effective. We looked at his stats in first-class cricket. It's something like 22-23 against right-handers and 40 against left-handers.