Nasser Hussain delighted with the player from the English team

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Nasser Hussain delighted with the player from the English team

Former England captain Nasser Hussain spoke in a column for the Daily Mail about the great hope of England cricket Matthew Potts. Potts showed that he is a great talent with a great future ahead of him. In the match against India, Potts impressed all those who watched him.

He caused big problems for the Indians who realized what kind of player he was. The English hope that he could play for many more years for them. "Now Potts has two exceptional bowlers to left-handers in Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad to learn from and maybe he could sit down and talk to them about it.

They both tend to go round the wicket to the lefties whereas so far Potts has tried both round and over and it is just an area he will have to work on now he is at the highest level," Hussain wrote in his column for Daily Mail.

"Otherwise there is much to be excited about. Potts has a big heart, he's good in the field and he is better with the bat than we have seen with England so far. He will have seen how Jamie Overton made 97 in the final Test against New Zealand and will realise he has to contribute some runs to be confident of cementing his long-term place in this England side."

Matthew Potts and confidence

As Hussain says, Potts has what is very important, and that is self-confidence.

He is one of the few who does not play under pressure, his relaxation and focus can be noticed. In addition, his speed and readiness are impressive. England can be happy to have such a player in their roster. "There are small things, too, that mark Potts out.

He's a confident lad. That might not sound the most important thing and people might say 'what difference does that make?' but his attitude strikes me as someone who feels he belongs at this level. He wants to be here and is not shy and doubting himself." "(England director of men's cricket) Rob Key said before the New Zealand series (that) Potts could be a point of difference in this attack and you can see what he means even though he's not express pace.

The speed gun will tell you he's bowling at low 80s but actually batters are rushed by him because of that slightly different trajectory and he's a little bit skiddier and catches you in that in-between length,” Hussain explained