Ireland coach Heinrich Malan: It's going to be a defining period for us

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Ireland coach Heinrich Malan: It's going to be a defining period for us

Ireland coach Heinrich Malan is ready for the challenges that await his team over the summer. Namely, they will play against India, New Zealand, South Africa, and Afghanistan. Ireland is in great shape and they have shown top quality lately.

He is happy with the challenges his team will have, especially against India. The crowd will be there again, a great atmosphere is expected and of course a great game of his team. It must be admitted that almost all of the aforementioned teams play serious cricket and can pose a big problem for him.

That's why it will be a real test.
“Look, we've got an exciting summer lined up. It's the most cricket that Ireland have ever played—from an international point of view—in their summer. So, really excited about next week this time, when we will have a full house outside of the Malahide for the first two games against India in the T20 format.

It's been a while since the boys have obviously played in front of people—and in front of full crowds. So yes, it's bound to be an exciting little period for us. It's going to be a defining period for us as an international side,” the South Africa born coach told

The coach on the weather

The coach is aware that weather will play a big role and maybe even be crucial, but this will be a big challenge for them, and especially for those younger players. This is an opportunity for young players to prove that they deserve the trust of the coach and we can expect a real spectacle and great matches.

“Look, I guess that's the fun part of international cricket. Things change quickly and you've got to be adaptable. We've been playing domestically—here, the interprovincial competition has been going on. So the boys have played a lot of cricket.

But, in the same breath, the weather will play its part as well, which is always a part of the wonderful game of cricket. We know that the players that we're going to compete against over the next six weeks have all played a lot of cricket—whether it's been in the IPL or for the international teams.

And I guess that's the challenge for us,” he said. Many teams are in transition and are looking for adequate players. There’s a lot of that eager proof, and it all carries some pressure with it. The question is how someone will cope