Rashid Latif on England culture: In Pakistan, people don’t survive after 60 years

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Rashid Latif on England culture: In Pakistan, people don’t survive after 60 years

Cricket is becoming increasingly popular in countries around the world. However, it is known who are the biggest names in the world of cricket: Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, etc. However, former Pakistan skipper Rashid Latif noted the difference between cricket culture in England and Pakistan, and revealed the reasons why the English are much more advanced in that sense.

“In England, all these retired fans, who are 60 plus, they flock to the stadium and they watch these games. Their population has 90-years-olds, 100-years-olds. Here in Pakistan, people don’t survive after 60 years.

In Pakistan, even young people don’t want to go to the ground, do you think a 60-year-old would visit the stadium? People in England want to feel alive and they do that by having football club memberships, county (cricket) memberships.

Even in India, as far as I know, people used to come and watch Test matches. I don’t know what’s the case there now,” he told Nauman Niaz on Youtube channel “Caught Behind”.
The senior journalist Niaz gave some more reasons why England is one step ahead of them, and obviously there are some bigger things that decide in sports, such as politicians, the government.

“The quality of life is so better over there as the State takes care of its old people. They have traditions over there. I was watching the first round match of Wimbledon and the stands were full."

Joe Root

England skipper Joe Root is a man who has made a lot of success in his career and is one of the best in the sport.

This is exactly what Niaz praised and emphasized how important character is. “In January 2021, Virat Kohli had 27 Test centuries, Steve Smith had 27, Kane Williamson had 19 and Joe Root had 17. Virat still has 27, Steve Smith has 27, Williamson now has 24 and Root stands at 27 which means he scored 10 Test centuries in last one year,” Niaz said.

“He made a good decision by stepping down from captaincy. Now he is scoring back-to-back Test centuries. He was never a good captain, but always a great batter,” Latif said. Some countries need to take into account the importance of each sport and give more support to athletes.

Of course, the people of one country also have an important role to play. Their support is sometimes even more important, and we know how much fans can do just by supporting and coming to matches.