Meg Lanning expressed her satisfaction at being able to 'spend time in the middle'

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Meg Lanning expressed her satisfaction at being able to 'spend time in the middle'
Meg Lanning expressed her satisfaction at being able to 'spend time in the middle' (Provided by Sport World News)

Meg Lanning is pleased with the victory of her Australian team over New Zealand. However, she was not satisfied with her games in some matches "Yeah the T20 series was frustrating," Lanning said. "Not a lot of batters got going on either side of me.

20s is better than 0 but 20s do really annoy me, especially a couple in a row. So it's been nice to get out here in the 50-over format and spend a little bit more time in the middle and not really have that scoreboard pressure to get moving as much as perhaps in the T20 formats so it probably sits a little bit more naturally with me - just to be able to build my innings and accelerate if I need to."

Haynes and Lanning as a tandem

Lanning and Rachael Haynes played great and proved to be a good tandem "I think we understand each other's games really well.

We know when the other person's getting a little bit edgy and probably looking to play a big shot. We're able to calm each other down. Especially in the one-day game. You don't need to take too many risks if you've got good intent and you're rotating strike as much as you can.

And the fact that we're lefthand-righthand, that sort of throws bowling attacks out as well. "So yeah I guess we've been able to build a good connection. It seems to be that when one of us is going the other one is sort of hitting the ones and getting them on strike and it just flips throughout the partnership.

I guess that's why it works so well." The 18-year-old Annabell Sutherland has delighted many with her will and knowledge as if she has been playing for 20 years "Yeah I was really impressed with Annabelle coming in... she still was attacking, wanting to play her shots which was really important and took the pressure off me.

To allow her to play in that situation is a really great experience for her. "It's been great throughout this series, we've been able to give opportunities to the younger players and they've certainly stepped up when required so that's great to see." Nicola Carey received advice from her teammate "She [Carey] was just standing there and smiling at me the whole over.

I was just saying 'Nic if you get a ball to hit can you please hit it. Don't block out half-trackers.' It was nice of her to allow me to hit the winning runs and get to a hundred but I was very happy for her to hit the winning runs too," Lanning said.