Tom Abell disappointed after losing in the final

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Tom Abell disappointed after losing in the final

Tom Abell is unhappy last season because he expected to win the title. However his team lost to Essex in the final "Obviously the overwhelming emotion is disappointment and that emotion is still very raw," said Abell.

"We experienced coming second to Essex last season and we were desperate for that not to be the case again. The way we've been bowling this year we felt we could have had a good crack at 10 wickets, we just ran out of time.

We didn't feel like we got outplayed but we just came up short." , as quoted by criccbuzz "It adds fuel to the fire but the fire is already burning pretty deep within everyone. Coming so close a number of times, we certainly feel like it is in touching distance.

We feel like if we play the brand of cricket we have been playing, we will come out on top. As tough as it is to take, we have to trust what we are doing. There are so many good things to come out of this season. Guys have really stepped up and shown how good they are."

Abel supports young players

Abell is pleased with the young players who have performed well and believes that his team will play much better next season "We have got to try and draw on the positives," Abell said.

"The way some of the young guys have played through the year is fantastic and bodes really well for us moving forward. We will have some time off to reflect but there's no shortage of ambition and desire to come back.

Ultimately e want to be winning competitions. We still feel like there is room for improvement, that we can still develop as a side. That's exciting. We have been pipped by Essex the last couple of years and we want to change that."

He hopes that the format will change and that he will play in the County Championship system from next season "I am a big advocate of the County Championship," he said. "It's a great competition. I feel like we have the best first-class competition in the world and we should certainly harness that.

I feel the best team will always win the Championship in that format. That's not to say the best team hasn't necessarily won this year. But given the current circumstances, a Lord's showpiece final was a very special event.

It was a privilege to be involved in. "We were just as desperate to win this competition as we were to win the County Championship. I guess the one positive is that every team is in with a chance of winning it but personally I feel like the County Championship is the best. I'm a supporter of promotion and relegation. That's just my personal opinion."