Mark Boucher expects his team to progress

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Mark Boucher expects his team to progress

South Africa coach Mark Boucher is dissatisfied with his team's play. He believes that his team must be stronger and that they should not play the roles of nice guys "It's all about performance and that's key for me," Boucher said, listing his priority on Monday (September 21).

"We don't want to be a nice group of guys and be eighth in the world. I'd rather be a challenging group of guys and be competing for the number one spot and they all want that as well which is great to hear."

. as quoted by criccbuzz "We're all aligned in the right direction, and although it's all still words, we still need to go out there and try and live it, rather than have it be words coming out of our mouths. I'm happy that the players are happy, but now the hard work starts.

"We want to get on the field and start playing. It's been a long break, I don't think the players have had this long a break since school days. Although they've been practicing, you (as a coach) want to put that practice into match experience.

A few guys have moved over to the IPL, so they'll be happy that they'll get some game time."

Young team

He says that this inexperienced team needs time to become strong but that mistakes are there to teach them "We're going to make some mistakes - we're a young team - but as long as we keep learning from those mistakes, we will become a better unit.

The players are keen to try something different in order to get different results, especially when we go to big tournaments." However, Boucher believes that this team can achieve a lot and that this generation is destined for success "It was good to have a deeper squad as well, I haven't really been given the opportunity to meet a lot of them personally so it was really nice to catch up with them - see a couple of new faces and see a couple of old faces, spend a bit of time together and get into the nitty-gritties about where we want to go as a team."

"We had really good mediators who came in. It wasn't about the management; it was really about the players getting a couple of things off their chests and being open and honest. There were some really difficult topics at times, but for me it showed that we as a team might be young, but we are growing quickly."