Mohammad Kaif hopes the players will not have a problem with the pitch in the UAE

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Mohammad Kaif hopes the players will not have a problem with the pitch in the UAE

Mohammad Kaif, Delhi Capitals' assistant coach is not happy with the pitches in the UAE which are different from other pitches. He believes that the players now have a strong will and desire to play and that injuries can easily occur on this type of surface.

It’s weird how many factors there are that can affect players, both their game and their injuries. In these moments, players will have to be very careful to achieve a good result while remaining uninjured "Yes, soft tissue injuries will be more because after a long break players are coming and trying to give their best shot on a sand-based ground which is not easy.

We're not used to it, body is not used to it so it's totally different," said Kaif in a press interaction arranged by Delhi Capitals, as quoted by criccbuzz "And it's a big ground so there's lot of running involved, lot of sprinting which probably don't match the training sessions.

Training session is about batting, bowling and couple of fielding but intensity is not that much compared to match day. So that's why I feel it's going to be a tough one on the players this year," added Kaif.

Dew on the court

He says that there was not much dew on the main court as on the auxiliary field and that the players will have to think carefully when hitting a ball soaked in water.

"When we came here one month ago there was not much dew, but in the last 5-10 days there has been a big change in the weather and conditions. Evenings around 6 or 7 the dew starts setting in. But on the match ground, there wasn't as much dew compared to the ICC Academy ground [where teams practice] which is an open ground.

So ground fielding is quite difficult, the ball becomes harder too when it gets wet and we have to be mindful not to have hard or tough sessions so that the players don't get injured," he said when asked about the challenged in the fielding department."

He believes that many factors will affect the final outcome between the teams. However, as great professionals, the players will have to adapt because they need it if they want to win. In any case, both teams have the same conditions, all that remains is their concentration and desire "You have to assess the condition and see how the tournament is going.

Maybe in the future you might find a team winning toss and batting first. This is a big ground and if people are not able to chase then might change tactic. But dew is there but like I said, it's a different pitch so maybe dew factor is not that much at the moment.

Also players are coming back after a long time and they've not been in touch with the game. So it might take them a while to get going," he said.