Mithali Raj is optimistic that the women's cricket season will start soon

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Mithali Raj is optimistic that the women's cricket season will start soon

Mithali Raj is dissatisfied with the situation related to the pandemic that suddenly appeared this year. She says she is worried about when the games will be played again and whether they will be played at all "There's been this anxiety about what's the future, what the future tournaments are because right now, we don't know, for what we're training," she told Lisa Sthalekar during an virtual discussion at ICC 100% Cricket, as quoted by criccbuzz "There needs to be a purpose.

Before, we used to plan for any international series if it is an away-going [tour], so players would accordingly prepare. And if it's a home series we prepared accordingly, but now we don't know why we train."

"So, sometimes we do feel there's no sense of purpose if we don't have competitive cricket or any international series, even domestic for that matter."

Raj feels positive after all

However, she is aware that she says that the situation is improving and that the matches that she and the team have been waiting for for so long should be played soon.

"But the one positive, is that things are slowly improving in terms of access to the facilities; but again, there are a few changes in terms of all the training facilities work, on time slots. "Like, earlier, we would just walk in and start batting and we would have some good 10-15 net bowlers and we could bat for one to two hours," she said.

"But, now, you have to go in during the time slot you're given, and maybe the net bowlers are reduced to just two or three of them. So these are the changes as current players we're accepting. But I think [we're] having an optimism that at some point we'll have matches, and that's why all of us are still into our fitness training trying to keep up to the standards before we were in the lockdown," she added.

She says that they regularly had conversations with psychologists who helped them in these difficult moments. She is also optimistic when it comes to young players who need help the most "Since we are contracted players, that's our job, so being in the biobubble - if that's what gets us going in terms of the matches - I think as players we are okay with being in the bubble and training and preparing ourselves for the game.

"Somewhere we need to do a little bit of adjustments to get the matches going. As far as the mental set-up is concerned, we did have a few sessions with a sports psychologist: talking to the players, as a team [too], we were on calls.

Those things do help [because] as seasoned, as senior players we understand how to tune ourselves. But the most important thing in the current situation is the young players or the players who are in the age-groups, who've just made their debut.

For them it's even more important to settle their anxieties and anxiousness they develop thinking about their future.