Russell Domingo: "Opportunities like this don't come around very often"

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Russell Domingo: "Opportunities like this don't come around very often"

The second test will be a great opportunity for New Zealand to make up for the defeat by Bangladesh, which shocked many cricket fans. Bangladesh played great and showed that they are a great team, but most believe that New Zealand will win the new match Russell Domingo, Bangladesh coach, believes that the Bangladesh team is very young and that they are currently gaining confidence "They want to try and do what no other Bangladesh side's done before and that's won a series in New Zealand," he said before the second Test, as quoted by cricbuzz "They're halfway there, the job's not done, but they're very driven to try and achieve something very special.

It's a young side so they don't come here with all the scars that some of the older players have gained from playing against New Zealand so many times." Russell Domingo also revealed some advantages of his team, but also emphasized how good fast bowlers are "We've got some really quality fast bowlers at the moment and it's not often Bangladesh can say that they're actually looking forward to bowling on a wicket that has got a bit of grass on it," Russell Domingo said.

Russell Domingo and advantages

New Zealand has many advantages; a Home field where he will play, as well as a wicket that has grass, but Domingo believes Bangladesh will have some advantage. They will have to use it if they want to win, but of course, other factors must be at the top level "Opportunities like this don't come around very often.

You're confident, you're playing well and you've got a good balance to your side at the moment and conditions, as crazy as it might sound, could actually suit us." "It's not often that Bangladesh can say they are looking forward to bowling on a wicket that has grass on it.

We got three high-quality fast bowlers and are confident. If we do get into the wicket early and it offers something, hopefully, we can do some damage." Russell Domingo is pleased with the team as they have had tough challenges in recent months.

Yet they have shown that they can do a lot "Look we had a tough couple of months in all formats, so it has been a great result for all the boys," he said . "They deserve it because they have worked really hard and have stuck really well to the plan and a lot of credit must go to them because it was a fantastic performance by them in Tauranga."