Ross Taylor: "We are disappointed, this victory will mean a lot to Bangladesh"

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Ross Taylor: "We are disappointed, this victory will mean a lot to Bangladesh"

New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor did not look so disappointed after his team’s shocking result against Bangladesh. He had many words of praise for the opposing team "If you look at it from a neutral point of view, I think it was good for world cricket.

I think for Bangladesh to come in, a proud nation with a lot of proud history, for the game of cricket and Test cricket, I don't think this was a bad result." "Obviously, we were disappointed that we didn't put up a bit of a contest.

We were outplayed the whole time but I think for Test cricket to survive, we need Bangladesh to be a thriving nation and I think they will get a lot of confidence from that," Taylor said in a press conference, as quoted by cricbuzz

Christchurch: Possible comeback?

Christchurch will be a new opportunity for his team and believes that the conditions will suit them much better than the opposing team "We're one-nil down, we know we have to play some aggressive cricket, but it's also a ground that we know how we're going to play and we've have had a lot of success here.

"I think it's going to bounce and carry the whole time and there's going to be a lot of grass on it. The bowlers will be licking their lips and us batters need to apply ourselves better than we did at the Mount,'' he said.

The home field is a great advantage for New Zealand, but the question is whether they will use it because many things are in their favor ''I think these conditions will suit us a lot more than they did at the Mount.

We know what to expect and that's the positive about being at home and on a ground where we've played a lot of cricket on," he added. Taylor decided to retire after the second test match. For now, he doesn't seem to have any special feelings, but he believes that will happen ''I was fielding with Tim (Southee) and Tim asked me does it feel like your last game and it doesn't I think.

So hasn't really dawned on me just yet but I am sure I suppose when you have got one dayers to go I thought when my last game full stop then definitely might feel little bit different,'' said the most prolific run-scorer of New Zealand.