Cam Green pleased with his form and self-confidence

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Cam Green pleased with his form and self-confidence

Cameron Green was great in the match against England. He was constantly making trouble for Joe Root. He also described what it was like to bowl to the England skipper. It's a bit of fun at the moment," he said in the presser, as quoted by cricbuzz "I just have very simple plans for him.

Just keep it tight from one end and let the other guys do their job. I am the fifth bowler so keep it tight at one end and give the others a spell." "Maybe a few of the boys have mentioned it. But he is a world-class player, even the scores he has got so far.

Even though he hasn't got a hundred he is batting beautifully in the middle," he added. Ben Stokes is really great as always, and Cameron Green praised Stokes "When I play more Tests I might get more confidence that I can do that and more self-belief I can be a match winner.

He comes in at No.5 and bowls 25 overs every innings. It's incredible how fit and tough he is. I'm not trying to compare myself to him. He is the best in the world."


Although he had a serious injury, he returned and proved that he is still a top player, and as he says, the key is in self-confidence.

It is clear to everyone that Cameroon is playing full of confidence, which he confirmed "It's just that self-confidence knowing what you do can work at this level. It took a couple of Tests to work that out. But it's nice to have that in my mind to go back on when you need it." " I feel like I am a different bowler to what I was back then.

My body and action is in a different place. I am doing a few similar things trying to hit the crease hard and hit a good length. I think there is more confidence in my bowling." He is happy with the wicket, and does not know if there will be any changes "The last few years have been a bit flat.

But looking at the wicket now it looks like it's a got a bit of grass. It will depend on what they want to do on Boxing Day if they want to cut it or not. But it looks like a really good wicket." It is certain that Green will continue with good games, and a great continuation of the season awaits him