Shakib al Hasan: ''Remaining in quarantine is like staying in jail"

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Shakib al Hasan: ''Remaining in quarantine is like staying in jail"

Shakib al Hasan is one of the main players in Bangladesh. He is of great importance to the team, but it seems that Shakib wants to rest and is not ready to play three tournaments at the moment. ''I know what [format] is important for me and I know what [format] should get the preference.

Right now time has come when I am thinking about Test cricket and whether I will play Tests again or even if I play, how will I play,'' Shakib was quoted as saying to a private TV channel NTV on Thursday (December 23).

"When you play two Tests in 40 to 42 days, it cannot be fruitful so certainly it encourages playing selective matches. I am not saying that I will retire from Test but it can happen that I am not playing T20s after the 2022 World Cup and at that point I might play one-day and Test.

But continuing three formats together is almost close to impossible,'' he said

BCB and quarantine

He has not yet fully decided on everything and he still has a conversation with the leaders of the Bangladesh association ''I have to plan well about it with BCB and after doing that moving forward would be an intelligent move.

So if I can plan by January I will know what is happening for the whole year,'' he said. It is known how many problems COVID has created, and quarantine is just one of those that leaves huge mental consequences on players ''Remaining in quarantine is like staying in jail, but in jail at least you can talk with someone.

It's not like players roam around a lot like going out in shopping mall or in cinema hall but when you know mentally that you cannot move, the problem starts there. ''Look New Zealand did not send their team to the Under-19 World Cup considering mental health.

What I feel is that corona is not going away quickly and we have to live with it. So we have to find some other way. Probably quarantine or bio bubble is not the best solution,'' he said. He was also worried about the children, with whom he wanted to spend as much time as possible ''When you have three small children and you cannot give time and suddenly you meet them for eight to 10 days and then again you are away for couple of months and again you meet for 15 days it's a very unhealthy situation and I feel it will leave an impact on their growth. I don't want them to go through it,'' he concluded.