Richardson: "I'm happy to go either way. As long as we're winning"

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Richardson: "I'm happy to go either way. As long as we're winning"

Jhye Richardson had a great performance in his team's win over England, and he looked especially happy after that "More of a relief than anything else. Especially after the first innings, having a bit of a tough time out there.

To come out again and most importantly get the win. It's nice to make a contribution as well but there's no better feeling than just winning." - Richardson said as quoted by cricbuzz In the beginning, not everything went so well for him, but they realized the mistakes of England and what they should do "The first thing, we were encouraged to pitch the ball up.

We saw the English guys probably bowl a little bit too short and that was the feedback coming back from us that we needed to pitch the ball up. "I probably started a little too full and didn't give myself a chance to get it in the right area.

I started too full and then struggled to bring it back a little bit and get into a rhythm." "Whereas I think second innings I probably started a little bit back of a length and allowed myself to sort of creep up a bit more and get into a bit more of a rhythm.

It was certainly spoken about and especially in the second innings we definitely gave ourselves a chance," he added. In March 2019, Richardson suffered a shoulder injury, which he initially did not consider to be of a more serious nature.

"It probably didn't hit me straight away when I did my shoulder. I was probably a little naive in thinking that it wasn't going to be that long. I wouldn't need surgery, etc, etc." "But I think one thing that helped me through that was that I always had something to aim for.

After I first did it, there was a World Cup nine or 10 weeks away." "I think it was an Ashes year as well. So there was always something to aim for whether or not it was those two things or Shield cricket or just playing club cricket.


In those moments, he was thinking about various outcomes "So it gave me something to keep an eye on. But no doubt there were periods throughout that time that I questioned whether or not I'd get back to how I was playing before.

I questioned the process a little bit as you do naturally in rehab scenarios. But to be out there playing Test cricket again, it's no better feeling." The Australian team looked great, and obviously have a good future ahead of them "The beauty of Australian cricket at the moment is we've got fast bowling stocks.

I think that's a wonderful problem for JL and the selectors to have. Whatever happens, happens." "I had an unfortunate first innings and then bowled a little bit better in the second innings. Whatever happens, happens. I'm happy to go either way. As long as we're winning, then that's all we can ask for."