Labuschagne: "It's harder to get a rhythm and a feel with a pink ball"

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Labuschagne: "It's harder to get a rhythm and a feel with a pink ball"

Marnus Labuschagne is not happy with the pink ball test, after he could not catch the right rhythm against England. Pink ball game is obviously much harder, and is a problem for most players "If anything it's harder.

It's harder to get a rhythm and a feel with a pink ball," Labuschagne said after the second day's play, as quoted by cricbuzz "And every pink ball game is so different. We played here against Pakistan and the wicket had a bit less grass on it, so it was a bit flatter and the bounce was quite consistent."

He also recalled the match they played against India "Played here last summer against India and it was quite two-paced and it was quite up and down. "And then we obviously played this game and once again there was a bit more grass.

It felt like it was seaming all day when they put the ball in the right area. Even this morning you just felt like you didn't know where your next run was going to come from."

Labuschagne is not aiming for personal records

Labuschagne now averages a 62.48, making him one of the better players.

Labuschagne is happy about that, but it is obvious that his priority is not personal records, but that he strives for team success. "That's the first I've heard of being second behind Bradman... It's a special feeling," Labuschagne said.

"But Bradman's done and a couple of nick offs and I'm right to the back of the pecking order." "You can't really think like that. The personal performances and accolades are nice. But I just think about trying to score as many runs as possible each innings to put us in positions to win games.

He put special emphasis on his ability to be able to leave balls. Obviously he feels good and wants to improve his game and become a better player. They will not have easy tasks in the future, but they obviously have quality and can do a lot.

"I think being able to leave balls has always been a part of my game that I've had and that decision-making around off stump. In particular, the majority of this innings I thought I left the ball quite well. I never really felt it.

It was sort of one of those wickets you always felt like you're grinding away. You never felt like any other runs I was making out there were easy."