Dawid Malan: "The job isn't done yet"

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Dawid Malan: "The job isn't done yet"

Dawid Malan was great in his team's performance, but Joe Root was with him. Along with Root, he added 159 runs for the third wicket on Day 3 The crowd was great and the adrenaline was at its peak "I thought I'd never play another Test again," Malan said after Stumps on Day 3, as quoted by cricbuzz "I actually said to Root when we were on 40 or 50...

we both had similar scores... 'I've really missed this'
"The Barmy Army were singing, the crowd was going and your adrenaline was going (too). I've missed having someone trying to blow my head off all the time.

You are playing against the best bowlers going around. It's good fun. It's really good fun. Malan is aware of the importance of Test matches, and he is very happy about the great performance "Test cricket is the pinnacle for me.

You can do as well as you want in T20 cricket, 50-over cricket or whatever other format you like, but you're judged a lot by your Test career. To come to Australia and play against quality fast bowlers on these bouncing wickets is the real test.

"For us, an Ashes series is the biggest series of our calendar. To come here and get runs against this really good attack is very satisfying. I'm so proud to be able to stand out here in an England shirt. Especially to do it here at the Gabba in front of everyone."

Unfinished job

Malan does not want to say that everything is over, and he believes that the work is not finished yet "We need another 250-300 runs tomorrow to put ourselves in a good position," Malan said. "We need one more 100-run partnership to put a good score on the board and then who knows what can happen?" "But we learned in the last series [in Australia] that as soon as we think too far ahead, you open the door for them and they're so brilliant at closing that door for us.

"The job isn't done yet. Just getting an 80 doesn't mean you've made it. It's about hopefully scoring the big hundred that will change the game." The first innings was not good for them, but the team still showed character and that they can achieve a lot The first innings was obviously a disappointment," Malan said.

"We hold our hands up. We weren't good enough and whether the wicket did a little bit or not, we're better than being bowled out for 140." "So for us to come in after a day-and-a-half of hard fielding and do what we did here today was fantastic.

But that's only half the job done. "We spoke this morning and said we wanted to express ourselves. The last thing we want to do is just be sitting ducks and go out and not score." "So the chat was about playing the way we want to play. If they bowl good balls, defend them but if they bowl bad balls make sure that we still have the intent to score.