Mominul Haque: "I don't think anyone here believes in the process"

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Mominul Haque: "I don't think anyone here believes in the process"

After the defeat in the second Test against Pakistan, the Bangladesh team looked quite disappointed. However, team captain Mominul Haque was most disappointed and wanted to do his best as captain to help his team. "At the end, results matter.

Taking that into consideration, probably I failed to reform the Test squad," Mominul told reporters, as quoted by cricbuzz "I don't think anyone here believes in the process. Without results, it is very difficult.

"Captaincy is challenging, not tough. I am in this seat because I took on the challenge. Not many take up this challenge. I think it is a privilege. When the team goes through such a phase, it is important how you react (as a captain).

I am taking this positively." He also had something to say about his teammates, whom he criticized and believes did not use the chances "We didn't bat well," he admitted. "We also missed a good chance in the second innings, mainly due to the top-order failure.

"I really don't think we played aggressively in either innings. If you keep defending the ball, when will you score the runs? Those who got out, they were taking calculated risks." "You feel this way because they got out.

You have to take runs when it is available. It would have been easier had our top four made runs. When you don't score in the top order, life becomes difficult for the rest of the line-up.

Defensive approach

Apparently, the main problem is the defensive game of his team, which is why they are recording such poor results "When you are playing on a turning wicket, you can't defend too much.

If you are facing a left-arm spinner, playing through point is a safer option than playing through covers." "If you're playing against a right-arm spinner, playing through the covers is harder than playing him through midwicket or mid-on.

I think everyone got out playing with the spin." "You have to score runs. You can't just keep defending the ball. The question comes up because they were getting out. There is not much time for training, but he will have to work on many things below "It is important to train according to the conditions and as per the opposition's strength."

"I think there's very little time to improve on skills when you are busy in international cricket, but you have to use your time well to improve your skills. You have to find your options against specific bowlers," he concluded.