Ollie Pope believes in the success of his team

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Ollie Pope believes in the success of his team

Ollie Pope was not happy after the pitty release of his team, in which they failed to achieve what they envisioned. Still, he believes in his team and believes that they can come out of this much stronger. "I wouldn't look too much at the toss.

We just had to execute in the first couple of hours of the game. We had the quality in the side to score the runs we needed," Pope said, as quoted by cricbuzz "We'll keep fighting and we have to see both sides bat on this wicket.

We don't know how it's going to react tomorrow and we'll come back stronger. They still have time to change things, and it is obvious that with the quality they have they are very capable of even bigger goals. "It wasn't the end result we wanted.

We're not going to get too down about it but it's a disappointing start." "There's frustration that we haven't been able to put on that big score we wanted but the pitch did offer a fair bit, especially for seam.

It's a long tour and a long series. We'll keep the spirits high and come back fighting tomorrow."

Burns' wicket

Rory Burns' wicket was a disappointment, however. Yet Pope believes it could have been better "I wouldn't say it (Burns' wicket) created panic at all because you have to stay calm but it wasn't the ideal start," Pope said.

"It was always going to nip around a bit early doors and with the extra bounce it created edges. But if we had managed to get through that first two hours one-down for example, we could have made the most of the softer ball and a slower pitch today."

Pope also explained what he likes most and obviously that he could be of great help to his team that wants to raise their game to an even higher level. "I like to come with a lot of intent and want to move the scoreboard along, especially if the ball is in my area.

I think a situation like that leant itself to that too." "You need to get your runs on the board. The ball got a bit softer and the seam wasn't quite as pronounced," Pope said. "Jos came in and played nicely and it's just frustrating neither of us could go on and get a bigger score." The English will have to improve their game if they want to finish glorious