Kane Williamson is confident ahead of the spin test

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Kane Williamson is confident ahead of the spin test

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson believes his team is well prepared for the spin test starting on November 25th. He is aware that it will not be easy, but still, his team can show a lot. "I suppose on some of these surfaces, the condition of the ball - whether it is new or old - is definitely a big factor and I guess one of the challenges is when you see the ball spin in such a big way and then the next one goes straight," Williamson said on the eve of the Test on Wednesday (November 24) as quoted by cricbuzz "It's about trying to come up with a game plan to accommodate that as well as you can while looking to score."

"Obviously a number of teams have come here in the past and faced similar challenges, so there's the expectation that it'll not be too different and there'll be a large spin component throughout the series."

"So the guys have been trying to prepare as well as they can and they're looking forward to the challenge," he added.

India's quality

They are aware of the quality of the opposing team and that it will not be easy, but they have prepared tactics that could be good for them.

"We know the strength of the Indian spin bowlers. They've been fantastic for a long time. For us it is about looking to come up with different methods and ways to score and try and be effective and build those partnerships."

"The ways will be slightly different from one another [for each player]. We're trying to prepare as well as we can for the challenges that are coming up," Williamson said. Team homogeneity is one of the main characteristics of the team, so New Zealanders believe that they can achieve a lot "The spin factor is going to be there and someone like Ajaz Patel and Will Somerville will be a big part of our bowling attack, particularly in these conditions," Williamson said.

"We feed off each other quite well. He [Somerville] offers that height and bounce, whereas I offer that low skid and as a left-arm spinner and a right-arm off-spinner, we're both turning it in different ways," Ajaz said in the lead-up to the game.

"It's always cool to be playing together. There will be times when he's attacking and other times when I'm attacking and vice versa. We have a good understanding now we've played a few games together, so it's exciting to kind of have the opportunity to go back out there and do it again."