Ottis Gibson wants to take advantage of England’s “positivity”

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Ottis Gibson wants to take advantage of England’s “positivity”

Bangladesh pace bowling coach Ottis Gibson had interesting statements before the match with England. Gibson believes that his team can take advantage of the positivity that reigns in England, and thus achieve a good result 'England's mindset is always to be positive.

On the day you're positive, but if the conditions doesn't allow for your positivity, sometimes you give wickets away," Gibson said, as quoted by cricbuzz "Like I said, they were chasing 55 against the West Indies, and they lost four wickets for those 55 runs.

On the day we play well, we play to our potential, then they will give us opportunities to win the game or to have a say in the game." "If we take those opportunities, the result could very well go in our favour.

Ask his team for calm and composure given the tactics the English use in their games ''I've spoken to our bowlers and our batsmen, England bowlers are looking to take wickets all the time, and England batters are looking to score runs all the time and put bowlers under pressure."

"The message is not to panic, understand that you are going to get hit. You might bowl a good ball and get hit because that's their mentality, but they also give you opportunities to take wickets. ''So we must be calm.

We must try and execute our skills plans." "And when those opportunities come, we must take those opportunities of course, but we must -- the one thing we must remain as a bowling group is calm and very considered in how we approach every ball that we bowl,'' Gibson said.

Liton Das is under fire from public critics as he drops two cathces against Sri Lanka. Gibson, however, provided support to his player "Catches get dropped. In every cricket match, one or two catches go down. Obviously, when the catches sort of result in a player part that results in a game, it's highlighted more," he said.

"We do a lot of catches in practice. We do a lot of various catching drills. Ultimately, when the guys are out in the middle under pressure, then mistakes like catches going down happen." "Is it a concern? I wouldn't say it's a concern because we practice it every day.

But the fact is obviously, when it gets dropped, when catches go down, then at the end of the game, that's the thing that gets highlighted.

Liton's role

He believes that Liton is one of their best players and that he may have the most important role in the team ''He's (Liton) one of our best fielders, first of all.

The fact that a couple of catches went down doesn't diminish from what he contributes to the team. Of course anybody can drop a catch." "Like I said before, it's highlighted because those catches, you can argue, contributed to the result of the game.

But he's one of our key players, and he has been for a while." "The reality is that any other fielder in that position could have dropped those catches as well. ''So what we do is we get around him (Liton) we support him. We remind him of his quality and remind him that he's a key player for us, and we support that player."