Ashton Agar wants to help the national team in his new position

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Ashton Agar wants to help the national team in his new position

Ashton Agar wants to help the team as much as he can and this time he did it too. He played a position he does not otherwise prefer: the position of a finisher and slowly begins to understand what is essential for such a position "I feel like I'm slowly learning to figure out that role, trying to play some better cricket shots, limit the amount of balls I hit in the air at the start and hopefully take it as deep as I can to try and finish off an innings.

Yesterday was maybe a small step forward in that direction." , as quoted by criccbuzz

New position

He says that it is not easy to play a position that the player is not used to, but that he tries every day to show that he is capable of such an endeavor.

"It is a difficult role, coming in with minimal balls left and you could be in different situations," he said. "I've seen that vary a lot in the last two games. Generally, you have a batsman at the other end and the key to getting your innings started is getting them on strike, finding your boundaries when you can.

"It's definitely a role that I've identified that if I can fit into well I can really help the team. It's a tough role and one I really need to improve on because it's really important at the backend of an innings.

To get an extra 10-15 runs out of that position in a minimal amount of balls, that can be the difference either setting or chasing. "We bat quite deep now as you saw with Patty Cummins last night hitting Jofra for a beautiful six, that's a really good sign for us.

Justin Langer asked all the bowlers to go away and work on their batting throughout the practice games." He says he is disappointed after the defeat but that he believes the team will come out stronger from this and will recover from the break that followed due to the pandemic.

"It really hurts to lose a series but we look around the changing room and we know we are a really good T20 team and if we win a couple of those small moments it shows we are super competitive against the best teams in the world.

To match it with a team who has had a summer of cricket and been playing really well, coming off no cricket, we are very close."