Ottis Gibson had only words of praise for the team and Mustafizur

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Ottis Gibson had only words of praise for the team and Mustafizur

Bangladesh’s fast bowling coach Ottis Gibson obviously doesn’t think like individual fans. Although Bangladesh did not excel in the matches against New Zealand and Australia, Gibson does not seem to be worried. Gibson spoke for cricbuzz regarding slow pitches, wickets but also regarding Mustafizura and his good form The global tournament awaits the Bangladesh team, and Gibson seems pleased with the team "I think over the last six to eight months, and the last three series that we have played and won, I think the fast bowling unit has done very well."

"We've done a lot of work together and everybody is in a good place with their game and game plans. I think the fast bowling unit will give a very good account of themselves in the tournament. A global tournament is always an opportunity for people to showcase their talent and see how far they have developed, and this tournament is a good opportunity for us to see how far we, as a bowling unit, have come."

"Obviously a lot will be said about pitches in Bangladesh but I think we prepared ourselves not to be just good bowlers in Bangladesh but outside Bangladesh as well." "I think the fast bowlers, whoever gets the opportunity to play, will really demonstrate that they have come a long way in the last six to eight months.

Slow pitches caused problems to most teams, and Gibson gave an opinion on them I think lot has been said about bowling in slow pitches in Bangladesh but I think when we were in New Zealand last year or early this year, Taskin [Ahmed] showed what he can do on those pitches, and Taskin bowled really well."

"And he was probably the best bowler in that series. Taskin in the Test series against Zimbabwe and ODIs showed how much he improved." "We have Mustafizur [Rahman] doing his thing, Shoriful [Islam] showing improvement, and [Mohammad] Saifuddin showing improvement as well.

Any one of the four guys can impact the game and had a good World Cup. I am looking forward to seeing them playing in different conditions." "I don't want to think that we can only bowl on slow pitches because we practice on different skills, and those guys will have the opportunity to use those skills About the pitches that we played on in the last two series, the point is we had fast bowlers but the fast bowlers of Australia and New Zealand had bigger names than ours and we were able to out bowl them."

"Without thinking too much about pitches, it is how we adapt to the conditions that will make the difference in the World Cup. It's not about slow or fast pitches but how we adapt to the conditions." "I think with Mustafizur, Shoriful, Taskin and Saifuddin, we will able to use the conditions and use the skills that is required in the conditions.

Wickets and Mustafizur

He also revealed what he expects if the wickets are slow. So what he expects? "The make-up of the team and the unit in terms of who plays is always up to the captain and coach, and my job is to prepare the fast bowlers."

"Like I said, whichever combination the captain and the coach decide to put out in the park, (my job is to) to put them (fast bowlers) in a position where they will be able to assess the conditions and be able to perform."

"Ultimately it is about trying to impact games and win games. Mustafizur is great in the IPL, and Gibson had only words of praise for him "I am not surprised to see him doing well in IPL. He is been improving nicely.

He got a very good control on what he does and he understands (the role) what he has been given." "I am very pleased to see him doing well in IPL and hopefully by the time we get to Dubai, the form that he is now in can continue throughout the tournament (T20 World Cup).