BCCI decided to establish new measures

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BCCI decided to establish new measures

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to make some changes due to a pandemic that has been raging for a long time. In the introductory address, the emphasis was on the use of public transport "Each team is encouraged to have a team physician to manage COVID related issues," an elaborate BCCI advisory said, adding, "Use of public transport viz.

share rides (Uber, Ola, etc), trains, local bus network, etc is strictly prohibited during the tournament." "20 players will be eligible for Match fee (Playing XI will be eligible for 100 per cent while the remaining 9 will be entitled for 50 per cent)."

"In case where a Team India cricketer is deputed by the BCCI to participate in domestic cricket, he or she will be eligible for match fee over and above the 20 players based on Playing XI and non-Playing XI status in the matches."


There will also be mandatory testing upon arrival at the hotel and a 6-day quarantine "All players and support staff must quarantine in their respective hotel rooms for 6 days after arrival at the hotel."

"Upon arrival and before commencing any training activities, all players and team support staff who will be included in the Bio-Secure Environment will be subjected to the below mentioned COVID-19 RT-PCR testing plan."

"A nasopharyngeal swab will be taken for testing. Test reports are available within 12-24 hours after sample collection," They also explained what the process will be like if someone is positive on COVID19 "Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 10 days and seek advice of local health authorities."

"During their 10-day isolation period, the individual must repeat the RT-PCR tests, at least 24 hours apart, on Day 9 and Day 10 from the day the first RT-PCR test was conducted." "Provided the individual is without any symptoms associated with COVID-19 for more than 24 hours, has not taken any medications in the previous 24 hours and both test reports are negative, they may be allowed to join their team."

Also, if there is a need for one of the players to visit the hospital, they will have to use the PPE kit, and special corridors will be formed. "In exceptional circumstances, if players are required to visit a hospital for scans or non-COVID treatment, special corridors will be created to avoid close contact with any individuals who are outside their bio-secure bubble."

"Players and accompanying team staff must wear PPE (face masks and gloves) during hospital visits," the note advises.