Hazlewood returned to the Australian team after 2016

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Hazlewood returned to the Australian team after 2016

Coronavirus has caused problems both in the ordinary world and in the world of sports. It has changed the dates of matches, removed the fans from the stands and we can only hope that the situation will be better in the near future.

A virus has appeared in the Chennai Super Kings camp in the UAE, where cricket matches are taking place. For now, everyone is in the rooms and we will see what happens. One of the players who expressed concern is Josh Hazlewood.

He found out about the appearance of the virus via Whatsapp, through which they inform about the events in the camp "We have a WhatsApp group with all the information that comes through, it's obviously a little bit of a concern," he said on Monday (Augst 31).

"Ideally you'd have no cases, they are in quarantine now and I think that finishes up in the next few days. All my focus is on this tour at the moment and when the IPL comes closer we'll think about that."

He wants to play every game

Hazell hopes to play for Australia and succeed with it in achieving the expected results. He is also aware of the strong competition that prevails but it seems that he will fight for a place in the team because he knows how much Australia can "That's always the goal, to play every game of cricket you can for Australia," he said.

"It's probably just through the opportunity that I haven't, guess scheduling as well plays a part. But the T20 team has been going really well and as you expect it's stayed pretty much the same XI, they've been winning most of their games and it's a tough side to get into.

"I'll keep pushing and take the opportunities as I did for the Sixers and hopefully for Chennai and hopefully keep knocking on the door. I'm pretty aware of where I sit. The team keeps winning and the guys are going well, especially the bowling unit."

He also praised the England team that beat Pakistan "Eoin Morgan just runs a really good ship in the white-ball stuff and everyone knows their roles. Their confidence is always high, they always win a lot of games of cricket so they're pretty confident.

They've got all bases covered in white-ball cricket and we're probably seeing a bit more depth this year with having to have different players in each squad. They had a good chase against Pakistan. They know their roles and their white-ball teams are as good as ever."