Ravindra believes that heat will be the biggest problem for his team

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Ravindra believes that heat will be the biggest problem for his team

New Zealand player Rachin Ravindra believes his team needs to lower expectations before the match with Bangladesh in the T20i series. Bangladesh is quite motivated after good games against Australia and they probably want to continue at the same pace and use the mental advantage they have at the moment.

Ravindra expects the team to make a mental shift in order to be ready for the match against Bangladesh and to be as good as possible ''Yes, definitely (we need to have the mental shift). Maybe getting six runs per over is a good result here whereas in New Zealand facing a spinner if you are taking 8-10 runs then that is a good result,'' Ravindra said after the opening day session, as quoted by cricbuzz ''Now I understand our expectation for scoring runs, especially in the middle of the innings needs to be down a bit and if we consider their series against the Aussies, the par-score was 130, so, I guess we should bring down our expectations a little, and understand, that maybe, if they bowl, a couple of dots, then it's okay as long as you are in the middle you can make it up,'' he said.


Ravindra is aware that it will not be easy for them, and he considers the main problem: heat, which could ruin their plans, given that the climatic conditions are significantly different in Bangladesh. It is obvious that New Zealand will have to adapt to the conditions if they want to achieve a positive result.

That will be their main goal. If they manage to cope with everything that awaits them, they can expect victory. Still, Bangladesh is a serious team that has shown that it can match anyone, and Ravindra and the team will have to do their best to succeed.

''I think its massive (heat). The first training is always little more difficult and in the next few days we would be understand how much water we need to drink,'' said Ravindra. ''It's definitely something different from what we expect in New Zealand but it's just good to acclimatize with the condition and heat and all those stuff,'' he said.

''It's good to get the ball in the hand, and feel the grass underneath and feel the pitch conditions, obviously it's turning a bit more, and holding a bit, so it's quite a challenge for us to try in the next few days to acclimatize and come up with a game plan,'' he said.