Rahane: "I'm happy people are talking about me."

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Rahane: "I'm happy people are talking about me."

Although India had problems in the match against England, it was Pujara and Rahane who tried to save the situation and build a great partnership. "It was all about hanging in there," Rahane revealed on Monday (August 23), as quoted by cricbuzz "The communication was all about thinking about the small targets and then build it from there." "We backed each other.

He told me to back my game, I told him to back his game, whatever methods he wants to go with on. I thought that communication was really good. " "We just wanted to build one good partnership. We knew 170-180 would have been very good to score on that wicket." "Cheteshwar, we always talk about him playing slow.

But that innings of him was really important for us. I mean, he batted almost 200+ balls even though he got just 46 runs. I thought those 200 balls were really important for us," Rahane said.


Rahane is aware of the pressure but seems to know how to deal with it, and that his main focus is helping the team and improving the game.

"I'm happy people are talking about me. I always believe people talk about important people. So I'm not too concerned about that. It's all about contribution for the team." "And Pujara and I've been playing since long. We know how to handle pressure.

We know how to handle certain situations, so we are not concerned about them. We just wanted to contribute for the team and that's what we are." He had only words of praise for the bowlers who did their best and who played great "It gets mentally exhausting and you [the batsman] are constantly thinking when these guys will get out and when you would go out to bat," Rahane said of the lower-order resistance." "It has a lot of impact.

When 7-8 wickets fall, batsmen begin to anticipate their batting. You would have seen, in slips and gully the batsmen begin shadow practising, jumps and footwork practice." "You can see from outside what the batsmen are thinking.

This was a great sign for us. "Full credit to them [the bowlers]. Since the WTC finals till now, everyday they've batted 10-12 minutes in the nets. They've come on their own, that after finishing bowling they also want to spend some time batting.

Hearing this, it feels great. They want to contribute, even if they add 10 runs each, we have a very good score on the board. And definitely, the opposition is affected by lower-order runs too."