Silverwood: "I want us to keep that passion, use it in a real positive way"

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Silverwood: "I want us to keep that passion, use it in a real positive way"

England did not look good in the match against India, so Root, just like Silverwood, shifted the responsibility to themselves after the match. "I think it's a collective. I saw Joe took that on himself in the interview afterward.

But it's a collective and I'm part of that as well," Silverwood said on Tuesday (August 17), as quoted by cricbuzz "It's something we have to look at together. In the same situation, I agree with Joe, we could probably go back to plan A sooner than we did.

It's one of those things we have to learn from without a shadow of a doubt." "And if we got our time again, as Joe said, we'd probably consider doing things slightly differently. I don't mind the aggressive approach.

One thing we have to become good at is removing the tail or the lower-order batsmen. He also explained what they need to do now "Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We all sit there and go right well actually if the aggression had paid off and blown the tail away, we would all have been happy."

"What we have got to do is get the fine line between the aggression and the top of off which is Plan A, making them hit good balls."


Bumrah’s short-ball tactics influenced the team to push more "Emotions ran high, there's no doubt about it.

I mean, obviously, they targeted Jimmy in that first innings. And we went back hard at them as well, we tried to go toe to toe with them," he said. "The one thing I will say is that the competition that created with what happened to him we put a lot of fire in our belly for Day 4 as well.

I thought for a lot of Day 4, the way we stuck at our task, was absolutely fantastic with the ball." "So you know I mean, we can use that fuel to real positive intent as well. And maybe it just got away a little bit with us, obviously, when the lower order was in but we'll learn from that.

The coach wants his team to play as passionately as before, and not to give up on their intentions and goals. Silverwood will not have an easy task, but he will have to know how to motivate them "What I don't want us to do is lose the passion, I want us to keep that passion, use it in a real positive way as we did on day four, it gives you energy, it gives you fuel."