Roach: "I have never been in a situation like that before"

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Roach: "I have never been in a situation like that before"

Kemar Roach and Jayden Seales were great in the West Indies ’win over Pakistan. Although the game was uncertain all the time, the West Indies eventually showed that they were better "I have never been in a situation like that before, batting with the tail," Roach said after play, as quoted by cricbuzz "I am part of the tail, so for me, it was to go out there and believe.

That was the biggest thing - to believe and stay positive - and it worked, and I give thanks." He also explained what the main plan was and praised some of the players "The plan was to just stay positive," he reiterated.

"That's me. I was just trying to take on every ball as it came. This is by far the most important innings so far. I was just trying to pick the gaps and run hard." "My advice to Jayden was just protect the stumps. The biggest threat is the straight ball.

He did it very well. He is a star for the future. His five wickets today speaks wonders about our cricket. All the best to him, and I wish him a great career!"

Babar Azam on his team

Babar Azam thinks that the Pakistan team did its best, but that was not enough "That's the beauty of Test cricket," Babar said.

"The way this match panned out - you could see the momentum kept swaying from one side to the other. "We tried to give it our 100%. Our boys put in the effort, our bowlers and fielders put in the effort. But in the final session the one or two chances that came our way in the form of catches - had we availed of those, the result of the match could have been different." "When you drop catches in clutch phases, the course of the match changes.

That said, we did pull off a few good catches, so you took good catches but dropped a few, so you lost the match," he added. He also explained what his team had done wrong "We then wrested it back and lost back-to-back wickets.

In a Test match, if you keep squandering momentum from advantageous positions, you struggle to put on a big score." "That's something we need to review. A similar course of events took place in the second innings, although we weren't able to stitch together as big a partnership as in our first dig which resulted in a lower target than we had thought of."