Russell Domingo surprised by the decisions of the New Zealand coach

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Russell Domingo surprised by the decisions of the New Zealand coach
Russell Domingo surprised by the decisions of the New Zealand coach (Provided by Sport World News)

New Zealand has decided to omit key players for the match against Bangladesh. Bangladesh coach Russel Domingo was surprised and believes that the matches against Bangladesh could have served as good preparation for the World Cup "New Zealand got some really good players.

Obviously, some players are going to the IPL and it's the middle of the winter now," Domingo said, as quoted by cricbuzz ''I am surprised by the side they are sending... because they are sending none of the players who will be playing in the World Cup...

these are good conditions to prepare for the World Cup,'' he said. Russel is very happy with his team and thinks that they are in good shape and that they can show everyone that they are a dangerous team. ''We are a good T20 side and I really believe we got some really good players there.

I'm hoping this performance can give the public and the media a bit of confidence in the team so they can portray the team in a good light." "We still have a lot of work to do but there is a really good sign of a good T20 side.

I suppose our bowlers are really good and we know these conditions well.


He believes that these matches can serve to boost the confidence of the entire team ''We have played a bit of T20 cricket coming from Zimbabwe and got a bit of confidence there because of some good performances.

And obviously, Bangladesh have a good record in Bangladesh." "We still have another five games to go. The biggest thing you can take out of these series is players can get the confidence that they can beat anybody on the day, which is a big thing." "Confidence in cricket is very important.

We still know we need to improve. But look, if you can win against quality sides in tough conditions, it shows the team is doing something right,'' he said. Hazlewood and Starc are the two players Domingo will pay the most attention to "Australia got a very good bowling attack...

Hazlewood and Starc are two of the best bowlers in the world and pitches were difficult to bat on. I think we need to cut some of the guys a little bit of slack, and try not to be so critical about them because they're trying their best and that's the nature of batting as you will not always get runs." "I know only after two games, people were criticizing Soumya.

But two games before he was the man of the series. It's impossible to score runs every single day." "I hope we can support the players a bit more and I don't want to drop everybody for not getting runs in one or two games. This is my perspective of what I see."