Joe Root still believe in his team

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Joe Root still believe in his team

Root was optimistic after the draw with India and believes that his team still has a chance to win. The referee stopped the match due to wet weather, and India had the advantage "From my perspective, at one stage it looked like we could have potentially had 40 overs and I think in that period, it felt like we'd have been able to create nine chances on the surface like that," he said, as quoted by cricbuzz "I'd be lying if I was to say that India weren't in the driving seat going into today, but we know on a wicket like that, a couple of wickets in a cluster and of course that game can turn on its head.

"Final day, the pressures of batting on a fifth day wicket, things could, very quickly have fallen in our favour and we certainly believed that we'd have been able to create nine more chances." "If we'd have been good enough in the field and taken those then we could have been sat here one-nil up, but unfortunately the weather has won."

Second innings

The second innings were much better for England, as his team played much better "We're going to Lord's a lot more confident that if we'd performed in the second innings like we did in the first innings," Root said.

"There were a few glimpses of what we're capable of with the bat in the second innings. I thought we played with better intent and looked like we were really enjoying and thriving in the environment. "You could see guys a little bit more, a bit more relaxed, a bit more clear about how they want to go and play and certainly feel like going into the next test match if we can carry that forward then you'll see some better performances."

Although there were many players who stood out, Root believes Ollie Robinson was phenomenal throughout the match. And indeed, England still have a chance, even though India is the favorite "I thought Ollie bowled extremely well throughout the game," Root added.

"He's got a unique set of attributes - he's got a very high release point, he makes things happen, he makes the ball nip around and his accuracy in this game was exceptional. He managed to do a brilliant job. He showed what he is very capable of doing at this level, in two Tests he has shown everyone how skilful he is."