Stuart Broad: "I just think we're going to win the World Cup."

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Stuart Broad: "I just think we're going to win the World Cup."

Eoin Morgan looked quite frustrated by the fact that his team could not prepare on the adequate pitch that would await them at the T20 World Cup. They needed practice on such a pitch because they don't have many minutes on it, but they still didn't get what they wanted "It means a huge amount, for the style we play naturally and which we're best at, this is the worst possible wicket to play on," Morgan said at the post-match presentation, as quoted by cricbuzz "A very proud day on a spinning slow wicket and we won against a very good side.

We're trying to push boundaries, become a better side, and today we'll have learned a huge amount." Jason Roy was great and without him, England would hardly have achieved what they wanted "I just think I've got a stronger gameplan and am way more precise with my shots," Roy said.

"The issues have always been with the way I start my innings against spin. "Speaking with Liam [Livingstone] who has played a lot of cricket here, [he said] letting the bowler bowl to you can be to your detriment and letting them bowl dots to you can make you fall into a little bit of a negative rut."

"So I was trying to be proactive as much as possible, whether that was sweeping or reverse-sweeping, and making sure I was very precise in my shots."

Stuart Broad feels they can win WC

Stuart Board looked overly optimistic, and was thrilled with his team's game and thinks his team can win the World Cup "We've got so many bases covered, the confidence of playing on a pitch like this suddenly getting Liam Livingstone batting seven, Sam Curran eight, Chris Jordan nine, Rashid 10," Broad said.

"We've got so much depth, they play fearless cricket. I just think we're going to win the World Cup." "It's pretty rosy in the garden until it's not," he said. "It's one of those games you can't get too ahead of yourself, especially in T20 cricket."

"But for us to put in a huge performance like that when Pakistan was chomping at the bit to right some wrongs from the ODI series, was great." "They came out firing, it was an extremely tight series and it showed that in all the numbers. Crowds were outstanding so I'm over the moon with how it's all gone really."