Arjuna: "We should not be sending our best to play an Indian B team"

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Arjuna: "We should not be sending our best to play an Indian B team"

Life during the pandemic is difficult for both cricket players and other athletes. It is especially difficult to travel and adapt to the conditions prevailing in certain countries. The measures are often rigorous and it is essential that each player obeys the law of that country.

The Indian cricket team is in Sri Lanka and are preparing for a match against a team that has a motive to win and have a slightly greater desire to win, given that India will play with the B team, while Sri Lanka will play with the first team, which is enough tells how important a victory in such a match is to them.

Arjuna Ranatunga, the former Sri Lankan captain believes that Sri Lanka should not send its first team to India and believes that in this way some want to make a profit. "The Indian squad that came to Sri Lanka is not their best, it is a second-level team."

"Sri Lanka may have gone down (in the rankings), but as a cricketing nation we have an identity, we have dignity, we should not be sending our best to play an Indian B team. The secret behind agreeing to an Indian B team is TV rights."

- Ranatunga said, as quoted by cricbuzz "The board wants to make money from this tournament even if it means pitching our players against a B team."

Dhawan on the match

Dhawan, however, does not want to say anything concrete and believes that India came to the match to win, and that such things do not interest him at all, whether it is their first or second team.

"If they feel it is a second team, that is their feeling. We are here to play Sri Lanka, it counts as an international match, and we are here to seize the opportunities." Dhawan believes that the focus will be on the T20 Cup and that the decisions of some others are perfectly fine if it is good for the team "As of now, I haven't had any specific chat with Virat or Ravi bhai," Dhawan said on Saturday.

"I'm sure they may have spoken to Rahul bhai, or the selectors and that message will be conveyed to us." "Whoever it is, the focus is on the T20 World Cup. If selectors or team management come to a mutual understanding that we need to play someone specifically, this is a great platform to have a look at them."