Kumar on Dravid: "Everyone is listening to him. It's been a good experience"

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Kumar on Dravid: "Everyone is listening to him. It's been a good experience"

The Indian team is expecting 3 ODI matches against Sri Lanka soon. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is pleased with coach Rahul Dravid "It's been good (working with Dravid). We spent 14 days in quarantine in Mumbai. After seven days, we were out in the gym.

He's kept things very simple. There are young guys, there are senior guys." "Everyone is listening to him. It's been a good experience. Once the matches come, there will be planning and we'll get to learn more from him," the pace bowler said in the presser, as quoted by cricbuzz India will show up with a mixed lineup that includes many young players "First of all, these are very talented young guys.

We've seen them in their respective IPL teams. They have done really well there to grab their spots in the Indian team. I don't think they need much guidance." "You just go and talk to them if there's a need for something to talk about.

We never try to make anything complicated. We've got Rahul Dravid with us, he is guiding them really well." "Being a senior member in this side...it's no rocket science, we go and talk to them if we feel that there's anything we can contribute."


After the injury, Bhuvneshwar did not change the way he trained and tried to do everything to recover as soon as possible. "Not really, the only thing I've worked on is how to get over those injuries quickly.

There's not any particular change that I've made. There are things like workload, how to recover from that quickly, do a few things that trainers and physios advise me." "There are not any particular things with my training, whether it's on the field or off the field.

I haven't changed much." He believes that each format is equally important and that he is ready for any of them "To be honest, there's no priority for me whether it's white ball or red ball. If I'll be selected as a part of a red ball cricket [team] then definitely I'll try to contribute.

But I'm not looking to prioritize white-ball cricket or red-ball cricket." "I'm just working normally, trying to prepare for all the formats. If I get a chance in any of the formats I'll look to contribute there.

I'm not looking way ahead, like 18-20 months. But definitely, I'll prepare myself to play all three formats." Obviously, the team is full of confidence and he hopes they will win "T20 World Cup is round the corner.

We want to do well in the T20 matches, we've got just three matches. It's about how you execute your skills. Sometimes you do well in the skills part but don't get wickets." "As a team, we want to win and say that we won the last international series before going into the World Cup."