Zimbabwe has not yet announced its limited-overs squads

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Zimbabwe has not yet announced its limited-overs squads

Before the match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, there were some unexpected things. Namely, the Zimbabwe team has not yet announced squads, which surprised Bangladesh captain Tamim Iqbal. ''We don't know against whom we are playing although the match is due to start in less than 24 hours,'' Tamim told reporters.

''It looks quite unusual because we don't have even 24 hours and at this point, we usually do the team meeting, but if you are not aware of your opposition... " "I am not understanding how we can do that if we are not aware of our opposition.

It's quite astonishing." "I cannot say about their (Williams and Ervine) participation, but if any player wants to play, then we are saying he has to do 10 days quarantine and I have not seen them in the hotel.

I feel their board can say better about it,'' he added. Tamim also talked about his injury, which he seems to have to wait a while for ''My injury will take time to recover... that is the current state and condition of me."

"It's not an injury that will recover due to 5-6 days of rest. I have already taken considerations and plans from the physio, and I have also sent emails to some medical facilities." "So now what we are trying to do is manage the injury and play with it.

Though I did not field but batted with taping (practice game) and I feel that I can manage the injury and complete the series."

Injured players

Bangladesh also has problems with other players who will not be able to play for them 'Sometimes, we have to respect the situations, like the situation of Mushfiqur or Mustafizur because we don't have control over them.

And that is why we pick 16-17 people for a single ODI series." "So if we, unfortunately, have to play without a player, then we can replace him with another good one,'' he said. Bangladesh will probably not experiment much and the coach will perform the best team ''I don't see any window of doing any big changes...

obviously, you can do experiments in the bilateral series if you've already won or even lost the series, but whenever the ODI Super League is involved, then the result becomes very important." "So I think we should play our best team in the upcoming three matches, and also it doesn't matter if we win or lose the series, but we will play with our best teams in all the matches."